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Lavoropiú Everywhere is the international division of the Lavoropiù Group. Together with the international branch offices in Brazil and Hong Kong, it represents a touchstone for those companies who have gone down the path of business development abroad.

Ours is an international team, composed of multilingual specialists who have gained experience working abroad. This international experience is the reason they are able to provide client companies with the right qualified staff, and in turn, provide this staff with the necessary support on their career path abroad.

If one of Lavoropiù’s strong points is our territoriality and closeness to our clients, over the years we have achieved this same added value when accompanying our client companies on the journey of exploration and establishment in foreign markets.


To offer tailor-made solutions to companies wanting to gain a foothold in foreign markets, helping them overcome legal, cultural, linguistic and territorial difficulties.


Personality, professionalism, passion, tenacity, transparency and territoriality all combine to deliver the added value of our organisation.



The care and attention dedicated to people and the development of staff- with the right person placed in the right job- is at the heart of Lavoropiù’s activities and direction. This factor makes the company a social, as well as economic player, and intrinsically links the company to the social fabric in which it operates. Moreover, Lavoropiù is not only able to make a profit, but also provides culture, cohesion and development. Being a socially responsible company creates collective advantages and places the company on a worthier level of society, one which promotes the growth of everyone through the development of the expertise and aptitudes of individuals. The tools used are motivation, involvement, shared results, continual training, commitment and passion. Lavoropiù is included in the Bologna Metropolitan Roll of Inclusive Companies. The roll contains firms that have adopted measures to ensure highly socially-minded conduct. These companies are not only competitive economically, but are also able to couple this with a real and genuine attention to processes of social and professional inclusion towards disadvantaged individuals. Lavoropiù has been awarded the logo of inclusive companies in the Bologna metropolitan area and is registered at the Bologna Chamber of Commerce. As an inclusive company, it seeks to spread the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

KiWa Certified:

Lavoropiù recognises the importance of an Integrated Quality and Safety Management System to meet the needs of clients, safeguard the health and safety of staff in the workplace and strive for continued improved performance as a company. To this end, Lavoropiù has adopted a management model conforming to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard and UNI-INAIL guidelines.